Fashion’s Mother Nature: Faye De Lanty

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Maintaining the health of our planet is critical for the sustainability and wellbeing of future generations. Reducing our heavy ‘fashion footprint’ is one way we can ensure this.

Eco-fashion stylist and former Totally Wild presenter, Faye De Lanty, is on a mission to help us hone our planet saving style! Her aim: to show us ways in which we can turn our pre-loved clothing into chic, on-trend fashion ensembles, as an alternative to throwing them on the scrap heap!

As Faye explains, ‘Second-hand fashion can be sexy and slick’, with the help of some stylish accessories and minor alterations!

We talk to Faye about her eco-styling business ‘Fashion Hound’ and the ways in which she taps into her eco-fashion conscience!


Q: Faye, tell us how your passion for up-cycling pre-loved fashion came about?

A: Honestly, Fashion Hound ( was born out of necessity. Living overseas about 4-years ago in NYC and London, thrift clothing was all I could afford. I was on my hustle trying to move into the next phase of my career… little did I know I was living it! I had lots of meetings and interviews to attend, so I had to find a way to make my second-hand style look expensive.

After years of studying ‘The Bible’ aka British Vogue I had a firm grip on fashion and aesthetics, so I set about replicating what I saw on celebrities and the catwalks using second-hand clothing. People kept asking me where I got my clothes from – a lot of the time asking if it was designer – so I knew I was onto something! That was when I decided to start Fashion Hound. About a year into it, I pitched my concept to Channel 9 and secured a regular segment on Mornings, and now I have a partnership with the Salvation Army!

Q: You're all about promoting 'eco-fashion', but what does this term mean to you?

A: Eco-fashion to me means thoughtfulness, being mindful and being conscious of what you buy and wear. As often as you can, buy thrift, second-hand, vintage and sustainable new brands, and reuse and reinvent with DIY. It’s all about reducing your environmental impact as much as possible and seeing fashion as a platform to help our planet. 

Q: Tell us about Fashion Hound and what you hope to achieve with it.

A: Fashion Hound represents planet friendly fashion. I love showing people that second-hand never has to mean second best. It can be stylish, sexy and very chic. I want people to feel empowered by fashion, no matter their budget. 

A ‘Fashion Hound’ is someone who is savvy and stylish without sacrificing the planet. Currently, my Fashion Hound blog displays my personal eco-style and shares my tips and tricks for a greener life - with style! I would love to turn it into a destination filled with news, reviews and video content interviewing the game changers and influencers in eco-fashion! Eventually, I’d like to open an eco-fashion store and a platform to help charities – particularly dog charities. I’m passionate about puppies.

Q: Some might describe you as a bit of a philanthropist… can you tell us about your recent visit to New York and your collaboration with the Salvation Army over there?

A: I was contracted last year by the Salvation Army in NYC to help them open a designer thrift boutique in one of their huge thrift stores on 46th Street. It was a total dream come true! Now, back in Oz, I am helping the Salvos here open a similar boutique in Sydney. 

Q: By the way, how was New York?! 

A: There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love NYC – its energy, possibilities and promise are firmly etched in my heart.

Q: Before Fashion Hound and eco-fashion there was Totally Wild - a children's TV show promoting the conservation of our precious wildlife. How did you get involved in that? 

A: Totally Wild was an amazing time for me – that show carved the creative in me. It taught me the art of story-telling and confirmed my connection to mother earth.

I was doing work experience while still at school and was lucky enough to be asked to take part in a story – that part was to jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet. The GM at the time saw me do this and said to me, ‘If you are that crazy, I’ll give you a job!’ I finished school and started the very next year. I was with the show for 10 years.

 At the time, I had no idea that my experience on this show would prove pivotal for the next phase of my career with sustainable fashion.

Q: What do you think is the biggest threat to our natural environment today?

 A: It’s sad to say that fashion is one of the biggest. It’s just behind oil as the most destructive industry in the world. That’s why I am so passionate about doing what I can do make a stand and change people’s perceptions and actions.

 Q: List three small things we each could do to improve the health of our planet?


1. Buy second-hand – thrift shop, vintage and pre-loved. Think first, then shop.

2. Re-use and re-style what you already have – DIY, customise and swap your clothes with friends.

3. Spread the word and share your knowledge on sustainability. Always ask yourself, ‘how may I serve’ the planet instead of taking from it. We can all do our bit; even the small stuff helps.

Q: You're an extremely busy person, how do you take care of your mental, spiritual and physical health? 

A: Meditation saves my life on a daily basis! As does fresh air, good food, exercise and my favourite place which, apart from NYC, is inside my boyfriends hugs! Time out to ‘just be’ with him is bliss.

However, NYC is my happy place. Walking the streets alone, feeling her energy, following her beat and being open to where she takes me. If I can’t be there I love filling my lounge-room with candles, flowers and music. I sing, think, write and just chill.

Q: What other exciting Fashion Hound adventures are ahead? 

A: The Salvos and I have big things planned for National Op Shop Week this year in August, so I’m really excited for that. I’m also looking forward to doing more segments with Channel 9. I cannot wait to get back to NYC and see how I can continue to spread my Fashion Hound message there, as well as LA and London.

I’m keen to visit my Dad in Bangkok; apparently there is a huge vintage scene there and I want to do some buying for my site/store. Plus, I really want to develop my site this year and move closer to my dream of it becoming a destination for all things eco-fashion. #GreenIsTheNewBlack ;) #FashionHound

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