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Randall Simpson has a calling; to make the world a happier and healthier place. She is determined to make a difference by inspiring others to live a wholehearted life.


With qualifications in several alternative therapies, including Reiki and yoga, and graduating with a degree in Health Psychology, Tourism Aid & Public Policy, Randall recently launched a series of self-exploration and lifestyle programs under the “ITSA Life” banner.


Her programs are aimed at helping each of us develop a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by encouraging deep self-reflection to unearth our purpose and place in the world and how “the world fits within us”.


We talk to Randall about the ITSA Life programs, her zeal for practising alternative therapies and commitment to helping people live a better life.

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“Freedom is ours to hold; it is how we choose to liberate ourselves using our internal power, which reflects how we live and how we feel within our everyday life. So, why live anything but the dream of optimum health in mind, body and soul with ease and full of love and light?” — Randall Simpson.

Q: Randall, tell us all about you!

A: I am a true lover of life who never fails to smile and find light within a situation! I always try to operate from a place of compassion and would describe myself as an active participant in creating positive change for communities by promoting a healthy life and sustainable lifestyle for individuals. I started my journey as a professional dancer, being involved in events for Rip Curl, Tracks Magazine, Quicksilver and the Gold Coast Indy Car racing, as well as many other corporate events and shows in Brisbane and Melbourne.
Dancing since the age of 3, I began to understand the power of creative expression through movement. Being a natural teacher and healer, I have a desire to share my passion for life with others by inspiring and developing optimal health for individuals - mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically.
I have travelled across the globe teaching and mentoring in the areas of yoga, dance and holistic therapy and conscious education. My audience varies from university students to employees of non-government and government agencies, as well as professional athletes such as footballers, boxers and surfers.
I was born in Tasmania, but, growing up, have lived in various locations across Australia due to my parents work and desire to provide a versatile and culture-filled life. This has cultivated my ‘gypsea’ nature, which has sparked the desire for travel within me and prompted me to live in other countries, including Indonesia and the US. The south of France is also another home for me.
Q: You're committed to helping people undergo life transformations… In what sense?
A: Through helping them to understand a deeper sense of self, because that’s where the essence of our life begins. It’s the place we can tune-in to remember or discover who we are and how we fit into the world and how the world places within us. I believe a whole person will provide a nurturing home to all matters of the heart to help heal and balance the imbalances within us that prevent us from living our lives wholeheartedly.
Q: Tell us more about "ITSA Life"; what kind of programs do you offer and how can we get involved?
A: Our ITSA Life In Style Program is about developing one’s inner style through self artistry and the art of living. It is targeted at empowering individuals through weekly classes and interactive sessions on topics including yoga, fashion, design, style, healing, art therapy, photography, lifestyle and life coaching tailored for those creators and innovators who are pioneering a healthy lifestyle and, in turn, transforming the concept of work into a passionate love affair.
Our ITSA Life Worth Surfing Program is about using water-based therapy to help shape a positive and balanced lifestyle. This is achieved through various water sports, including surfing and stand-up paddle boarding (SUP). It offers a fun and alternative way to find your “surf for life”.
We also offer Self Exploration and Lifestyle Retreats with yoga, surf, SUP yoga, Reiki and an overall focus on active wellbeing to enable people to immerse themselves in these activities in beautiful locations outside of Australia. Our location for this year’s retreat is Bali.
We have a collective team that can design suitable training and wellness sessions and eating plans for you, or you can be guided through our robust programs that have the tick of approval from various health and medical professionals. You may just want yoga, meditation, pilates or fitness ideas to add to your current practice or stress management and mindful practice techniques, all of which we can provide. Overall, we can help you to build your own version of a better life through whatever alternative therapies you may be willing to try or by whatever other means you think it will take (even overhauling your appearance/wardrobe).
Q: What inspired you to start this venture?
A: I have always had a strong feeling for life and of love for the world inside of me. I thought if I could help others to feel what I feel, to live a happier and healthier life they love, then I would in turn be helping to make the world a better place. So, I made a commitment to make this happen. My mantra has always been, “only you have what you can offer this world, so offer it, I dare you!”
The greatest gift in life is being “you” no matter what path you travel. Each day I grow just a bit more into myself - travelling the depths of who I am within. Always honour yourself – who you are and where you came from. Instead of focusing on change, be brave and confront what you fear in order to grow. Everything else will flow from here.
Q: How does engaging in alternative therapies enrich your life?
A: Engaging in alternative therapies enriches all of our lives, as they originate from what is already naturally available / living, e.g. whether extracted from a plant in the form of an oil or experienced via the human body through movement practices such as yoga. Their source of existence is natural.
With the help of science, we have been able to learn how these natural therapies work, discover their purpose and understand their meaning. These therapies which are “whole” in origin help to balance, heal and restore our health and vitality. When we recognise what is not working for us and choose to find something that does improve our sense of “being” and "living" with something else that too is "living" (rather than artificial or synthetic), we empower our natural form, enriching the life within us to lead the outer life we desire.
Q: What therapies do you think works best for those who are time poor, i.e. working in stressful and demanding jobs?
A: Natural oils, plant and flower medicines. For the time poor, simply bathing or showering using such natural essences allows for the body’s systems (whether it be the sensory, energy or nervous system or all of them) to be positively altered. You can even add a few drops of certain essential oils to your drinking water to improve health and wellbeing. You just need to find out which oils are right for you.
Breathing practices are also something we can do with ease and, although simple, cleanse, detox, revitalise, balance and bring vitality to our state of mind and body.
Q: In your view, what is the biggest issue plaguing society today?
A: The misconception of what life actually is. Understanding the depth of life itself and how to feel free is what enriches us, and possessing a healthy sense of belonging is the highest form of success.
Over time, we have forgotten what nature has provided for us – our own abilities to create have trumped that. Yes, we as people are amazing and clever and what we can do is phenomenal, however we still need to validate and know that we are not the source of our existence. We need to celebrate our existence; the life we have been given. Seriously, how amazing is the earth we are standing on – it’s picturesque - and the solar system our world forms part of is magic.
We seem to have placed a great deal of emphasis on and faith in systems of human control, rather than the natural systems, such as mother nature and our own functioning body, mind and spirit that keeps us and this world alive and not simply systematically functioning.
Also, we are not honouring our lives because we have no control over our ultimate existence and this naturally scares people. So we have made choices over time to create ways of control to feel “safe” and at “ease” instead of truly living. But we are reaching a turning point. More people are choosing to tap into their consciousness and be present, to truly live life, which is exciting.
I developed a quote to keep myself in check with this: “Consciousness is the source of every resource available to us". This helps me to remember my sense of belonging to the world.
Q: How do we strike the right balance to maintain a healthy body and mind?
A: Honour the whole body, which together comprises body and mind. With every program I have created I utilise the ‘5 Body Plan Theory’ that I developed. This is the foundation of our Mind Body On program to help change your mindset, work ethic and tone from the inside out. The five “bodies” in each of us are physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual. When we honour and feed these, as we do with our physical body, we realise we actually have to do less to BE more.
Q: You have a passion for surfing. Which beaches are your favourite?
A: I love it! It’s the perfect medium to understand life. My favourite beaches are Coco's in Sumba, Berawa Beach, Bali, Injginup, Yallignup and Coolangatta.
Q: When you're not busy working on "ITSA Life", what can we find you doing?
A: Laughing, singing and dancing in the kitchen! I love to cook and have my nearest and dearest around me sharing a meal. Swimming in the deep blue; I feel I must have been a mermaid in a past life. Running through fields and collecting natural treasures for making my own pure remedies. Also, writing and pottery (I love homewares); sipping champagne; and dancing the nights away under the stars with all of my favourite people and anyone who is keen to boogie! Dancing is my soul’s home.
Q: If you had to live anywhere other than Australia, where would it be and why?
A: Bali or its surrounding islands. Its culture and essence aligns with my spirit and way of life. It is also close to Western Australia, which is naturally extraordinary and not too far from my family who are my home.

Q: The best piece of advice you've ever been given…?
A: "Stay as sweet as you are and infect the world with your heart." My Nona Julie, who is in her 70s, is a woman of my own heart. We turn up ACDC at 7am, sip non-alcoholic champagne and throw paint on canvas together. She has been by my side since I was 14, which was when I really began to find my place in the world.
Q: Do you have a favourite mantra?
A: ''For the love of it, be love, stay beautiful" - everything I do, I do with love for the love of it. Sometimes this might be for, or to help, another person’s level of love. It’s been a way of life I have learnt to balance every day.
Q: What are your future plans for "ITSA Life"?
A: To continue to Reach & Rise (R 'n' R), which is about inspiring those who can reach to do so, and provide the opportunity for those who need to rise through each of our 5 initiatives with a global heart and village presence.
Our focus is currently on accessibility and creating an awareness of our existence so people know who we are and our life purpose. After all, life is better shared.


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