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This year marks 20 years of Fashion Week Australia. The biggest showcase of Australian fashion.

We went to Sydney to celebrate and showcase for a second time our upcoming swimwear collection at the Carriageworks.

The atmosphere during the shows and backstage was amazing. We enjoyed seeing the work of so many talented Australian fashion designers in the rustic atmosphere of the impressive old rail yard building.This year we especially loved to see amazing models of all shapes and nationalities. 

We opened the show with the new Maddox Top from our Microscopia Electronica collection. 

Microscopia Electronica is a glimpse into the unique world of texture and colour only visible under the microscope using polarised light by award winning photographer Bernardo Cesare.

We also introduced our Sirens Of The Sea collection.

Sirens Of The Sea brings us back the essence of what it is to be a Gypsea, it combines our love for the ocean and the lifestyle that surrounds it and what it means to be a modern day mermaid. The collection is a unique blend of stunning imagery from our collaborating artists and carefully selected, summer fresh plain colours.

You can watch our show on youtube here


Fun backstage. Photo: Elliott Hunt.

The Bellini print from our Microscopia Electronica collection.

So many of you asked for the Cap Sleeve Top to come back. Here it is : )
Carbon Smash print, Microscopia Electronica.


New this year: Reversible Ziggie Top and Piper Bottoms in the Soda Pop print.

Our favourite newbie: The Bellini Maddox Top.

A party of blue and white. The Sonic Disco print. 

Sirens Of The Sea Collection: Maira Crossback Surftop and Piper Bottoms.

Reflection of palms on water. The arty Ava print mixed and matched with one of our fresh plain bottoms.


More from the Sirens: Lola Crossback Surftop and Brazilian Hipster Bottoms.

A real mermaid. Sereia Plunge Top and Nia Bottoms.

What is your favourite print?
First limited release mid of July. Stay tuned.

Much love,
Gypsea xx

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