Gypsea and the Whale

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I just finished chatting with Sara Keltie from Sea Shepherd and honestly, my mind is blown. This girl’s my hero – she spends her days saving the world’s oceans and is ‘mildly obsessed’ with Gypsea Swimwear; what’s not to love?

Sara is a 27 year old, volunteering onshore for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and studying a Masters of Antarctic Science. After finishing her Bachelor of Science degree in 2007, she met Paul Watson from Sea Shepherd at a launch party for Whale Wars, and scrapped her worldwide holiday to spend two years volunteering onshore for SSCS. Three years later in 2010, Sara started work on board the MY Bob Barker vessel for two weeks. Two weeks quickly grew and the ship became her home and family for one and a half years.

As part of Operation No Compromise in 2010/2011, Sara watched from the bridge of the Bob Barker the very first time that SSCS ushered the whaling fleet out of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

For the first time a crew was able to sail home knowing that the whaling season was over, that no more whales would lose their lives, that they could finally swim safe. It was life changing. 


I met some of the most amazing, passionate and kind human beings, and learnt so much from the SSCS crew and volunteers, they were a big inspiration behind going to back to uni and dedicating my life to Antarctic conservation.”

Sara found us via Instagram and is now a self-confessed Gypsea kid, 

“I spend a lot of time in the water so a comfy swimsuit is rather precious. Scott Bauer’s photographs are breathtaking, and Emma Jones’s designs make for a gorgeous canvas for them. I now own three pieces including the SSCS one piece. Never underestimate the joy of finding a beautiful onepiece - you can throw on a Gypsea one piece and still feel feminine and sexy without the need to flash too much flesh”

You might know Gypsea is a huge supporter of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, but do you know we donate the majority of sales from the Sea Shepherd One Piece to the organisation? We are so proud to support a society that’s so dedicated to saving our marine life and ensuring its survival for future generations. For more information on Sea Shepherd, or to donate, click here.

In Sara’s own words:

“I hope someone reading this will go on to support marine conservation and end whaling in Antarctica once and for all!
SSCS is the only organisation on the front lines of marine conservation, the only one there when it really counts. A whaling ship in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is a horrible, repugnant thing! But a whaling ship with a Sea Shepherd vessel at its stern is nothing to fear, it is something to be celebrated.”

Support Sea Shepherd and help save our oceans: purchase your Gypsea - Sea Shepherd One Piece here

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