Embrace your shape

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Have you ever had one of those mornings where you just can’t find anything to wear and nothing seems to fit right?

I thought all working women were the same – dreading the 7am wardrobe scan. I hate getting dressed for work in the morning. Not that great to admit, I know, some days my skinny jeans just don’t say ‘skinny’. 

But my good friend Belinda thankfully enjoys the ritual. In fact, it’s her favourite part of the day.

Belinda is a personal stylist. Every day she helps women (and men) learn how to shop for their shape, and for their own unique style. She’s been building her business from home in Perth Western Australia for the last five years and has a growing list of international clientele in the UK.

Today we’ve asked her to help us make getting dressed in the morning a little easier.

I've been in rooms before where women are told publicly that they're an apple or pear shape – it can be easy to only hear the negative. Clothes give us the ability to trick the eye and portray our body shapes how we wish. They are a form of costume, to tell the story of who we are.

So, compare yourself to your favourite celebrity. Do you have athletic curves like Beyoncé? Or are you more like the boyish Keira Knightly.


If you relate to Miss Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, opt for mid drift showing, or body hugging ensembles to show off your hard earned curves. Beyoncé makes a feature of her pear shaped bod by being known for her curvaceous butt – make sure you show it off.


Christina Hendrix embraces her full figure and adds a sense of sexuality by opting for dresses that accentuate her waist. Think Jessica Rabbit.


Our leading lady on Anna Karenina, Keira Knightly, compliments her slim, rectangular frame by wearing pieces that create volume. Try playing with shape, and form in your fashion choices.

These women dress for their body shapes to embrace points of difference. Think when you dress: “what do I love about me?” Use that to your best advantage.

Make sure you always feel great in what you’re wearing and go with your gut. If your head is unsure, your body language will be too. Find fashions that elevate you to the next level. Embrace your shape."

We're surrounded by photoshopped perfection so it can be easy for us to wish for something we don't have. Sure, Hendrix's twins are to die for, but we all have something to give, and physical qualities we can embrace and accentuate. 

So if Mrs Bey's your girl, let's pull out our pencil skirts - and play some bootylicious.

- Belinda Brenton


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