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I think about packing my bags and travelling the world all the time. Wouldn’t it be great to leave it all behind with the love of your life and trek the globe for a few months? Or years? That’s what our friends and fellow Gypsite's, Autumn and Abe, did. They were married in an intimate ceremony in 2012, then started a honeymoon that lasted nearly two years.

Autumn and Abe’s journey began in Indonesia, then stretched over several continents, including places like Galapagos, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Patagonia. The top rated locations for the couple were the Galapagos Islands, Argentina Patagonia and Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. Being big fans of free diving, they loved being able to camp and live simply for three or four months at a time, exploring the sea and abundant marine life right out their tent door.





The environmental conservation efforts of each country varied greatly depending on their location. Although South America is behind in conservation attitudes, a lot has been done to preserve the Galapagos Islands, and a hotel in Ecuador called Hotel Bamboo offered free cocktails for every bag of rubbish they collected on the beach, “We thought that was a great idea and forward thinking for Ecuador. As spear fishermen (woman) we are aware of the depleting resources of fish. So we only shoot what we can eat or share with those around us for the next couple days. The most important part is just being a part of the ocean and experiencing all that it has to offer.”

Have you dreamed of packing up your life and traveling the world with the man or woman of your dreams? According to Abe and Autumn it IS possible! “You just have to set your mind to it and be conscious of what you’re spending. We lived simply and saved for two years.  I can always buy my luxuries when I get a new job and return home.  Knowing how much you need is another question. Keeping a daily budget allowed us to do things cheaper one day to splurge on another day.  Traveling for an extended amount of time is very attainable and can still be comfortable.”

Felling inspired? Check out Abe and Autumn’s travel blog “Asquared Adventures” here.

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