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Tamlin Dobrich is a real life Miss Congeniality; she’s gorgeous, funny, ridiculously nice, and just finished in the top ten Miss Universe girls for Australia.

I came across Tamlin a few years back when she modeled for a Gypsea show in Fremantle, West Australia - a real standout on the catwalk with glowing skin and killer six-pack. So, chatting after the show I asked what she’d been doing all summer to keep fit and she replied: surfing and kiteboarding. Kiteboarding. That explained the six-pack!

Tamlin’s commitment to sports and fitness made her a highlight for the 2013 Miss Universe competition, and with spring just around the corner I decided to get the inside goss on what she does to keep in shape (six-pack here we come).



Her fitness advice is refreshingly simple: find a physical activity that you enjoy, drink lots of water, eat a fresh, healthy and balanced diet, plus don't forget to treat yourself occasionally. “I've been surfing for almost 10 years now, kiteboarding for four, I also play soccer and enjoy cardio classes at the gym. I have so much fun doing all this!”

A typical workout week for Tamlin includes: surfing or kite-surfing when conditions are good, soccer twice a week and dance classes at the gym, “soccer’s great for getting exercise and socialising with friends, and I actually love those classes at the gym where an instructor leads you through dance exercises matched to remixed pop songs... Basically my workout routine is just doing exercise that I enjoy.”

My surfboard's overdue for a spin, so this weekend I'll be pulling out the wetsuit and having a paddle.

Let us know on the Facebook page what your workout routine looks like in the lead up to summer!

See you at the beach

Gypsea x

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