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Are you a yoga fan? If you buy all the hype, yoga is a one-stop solution for health, fitness and happiness. I tried a few classes in the past but wanted to see if a regular yoga routine really made any difference to a person’s overall health. So I interviewed one of our Gypsea fans, Johanna Lundqvist from Stockholm, to see how yoga changed her life.

Johanna started doing yoga at 16 years old. She now practices at least five times a week and has taken up a certificate in Ashtanga, “yoga helped me become more aware of my body and my soul. I feel more grounded and learned how my body works in ways I didn’t understand before.”

Every body is unique and we all have different strengths, “but with patience and regular practice you get to learn your body is capable of doing things you had no idea was possible – I know my physical appearance has definitely changed!”

If you're a bit of a gym junkie like me, and love high intensity workouts, the good news is aerobic exercise and yoga go very well together!

“Many professional athletes are being told by their trainers to practice yoga to improve their performance. Even though yoga might be slow, it’s definitely not “easy”. Every movement is connected to your breath, and the asanas, or poses, are challenging.”

Johanna’s advice to any budding yogis is just accept your limits, be patient, and practice step by step. “That’s the most challenging part - accepting your level. It’s so easy to compare and compete with others, especially on social media, Facebook and Instagram. Accept you for who you are. Love you for being you.

If you are able to do that, you’ve already come a long way even though you haven’t placed your feet on the mat.”

Much love (and Namaste),

Gypsea x

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